“The art that is frankly decorative is the art to live with. It is, of all visible arts, the one art that creates in us both mood and temperament. The harmony that resides in the delicate proportions of lines and masses becomes mirrored in the mind. The repetitions of patterns give us rest. The marvels of design stir the imagination. By its deliberate rejection of Nature as the ideal of beauty, as well as of the imitative method of the ordinary painter, decorative art not merely prepares the soul for the reception of true imaginative work, but develops in it that sense of form which is the basis of creative no less than critical achievement.” Oscar Wilde

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oil on panel
24" X 24"

Arabesque Frieze
oil on canvas
2' X 7'

oil on panel
18" X 32"

oil on panel
18" X 34"

oil on canvas
24" X 36"

Cut Pansies
oil on panel
16" X 30"

“The emotion that the artist feels in his moment of inspiration he does not feel for objects seen as means, but for objects seen as pure forms.”