Old Master Copies

“Like all deep emotions, the emotion roused by art craves to make itself eternal. Practiced with ritual fervor, imitation is a familiar instrument of magic, and a painter needs but recall his first paintings to realize that they served him as a means of participating, not in the world of men, but in that of art, and what he asked of them was less a conquest of the world of reality, an escape from it, or even an expression of it, than a sense of fellowship with brother artists.” Andre Malraux

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Duccio Madonna
oil and gold leaf on panel
10" X 16"

Rembrandt Self Portrait
oil on canvas
10" X 10"

Still Life by Jan Davidz de Heem
oil on panel
20" X 24"

Portrait of a Lady by Grueze
oil on canvas
18" X 24"

Dainaides by J.W. Waterhouse
oil on canvas
15" X 19"

“Art, therefore, has to do with the spiritual life, to which it gives and from which it takes.”