The aim of portraiture is not only to achieve a pleasing likeness, but primarily, as Plato remarked, “ to seize the workings of the individual soul.” This is the greatest goal and achievement in painting the human face – to show us not only the outer manifestation but to bring us in contact with the inner world, all the pain and sorrow, joy and hope that belong to our common experience of being human. And to most especially have this understanding come to the viewer through the expression on the face and in the eyes so that one feels a true communion with the subject.

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oil on paper
10" diameter

Clara Bow
oil on paper
9" X 14"

Benjamin Franklin
oil on panel
8" X 10"

Abraham Lincoln
oil on panel
18" X 24"

Meher Baba
oil on canvas
8" X 12"

Virginia Wolff
oil on panel
14" X 18"

Chief Joseph
16" X 20"
oil on panel

“The secret of primitive art is the secret of all art, at all times, in all places – sensibility to the profound significance of form and the power of creation.”